Farewell to Hobie Alter

hobie alter

As many of you may have already heard, Alter died peacefully in his home of Palm Desert on Saturday March 29, 2014. He was 80 years old. Most of us sailors know him as a “Father of Catamarans”, he created a entire sailing subculture. He also hd a big hand in surf boards and surfing gear and even dabbled in other water sports and even skateboarding.

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If you’re like us we love our 16 and just had to write a post and take a moment to remember this innovative man and how he helped bring so many to come to love the water. Here are some links you might be interested in…

Hobie History Part One

Hobie’s Life sketch and Obituary on Sail Magazine

Official Hobie Website

Tacking Your Hobie Cat-The Art of A Tack

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