Sailors, Designers and Food

Sailors, Designers and Food...What's the Connection?

I’m an architect and that’s not a secret. I see design and art in everything I do. A few days ago I wrote an article on my site the connection between sailors, designers and food. I want to open up the discussion here on Get Wet Sailing. Is there a connection between sailors, designers and food? Here’s the article below.

Architects, Sailors and Chefs…What’s the Connection? Or Is There a Real Connection? Seeing as I am all three, (ehem…maybe not a “professional” chef) and I enjoy all three things, for years I thought it was just me. As I have grown older, and become more involved in all three activities, I met others who had the same interests and connections as I do. That got me thinking…I wonder if there is a connection between at least two of the three or all three. Here’s what I have come up with. Let me know if you can think of anything else.

1. Architects and Sailorssailors and food

The similarities between these in some respects are quite obvious. Both are mathematical. Both deal with angles. The angle of a roof line is something I deal with everyday, so is the angle of how I trim my sails, or at which point I want to tack. It’s all very calculated and exact. If I miss a degree in a drawing, it could reek havoc on the entire building. If I tack on a certain angle that could mean a huge win or loss in the race. Similar thinking, I say yes.


 2. Sailors and Food

This one is easy too. If you’re a true sailor who lives, sleeps and eats on your boat, then you have to learn to cook for yourself. You also have to learn to be a creative chef in such close quarters and usually with limited kitchen appliances and tools. As much as I love sailing, that’s still a dream for me. Maybe someday I’ll go for long sea voyages where I am forced to tap into my creative side for my ocean meals. I do also enjoy camping and planning the meals for our outings. When my son was in Scouts, I would always be the first parent volunteer to go backpacking and be put on food duty. and Chefs…connection…maybe?


 3. Architects and Food

Architects, Sailors and Chefs...Whats The Connection?This one seems to be really common. It even gets a reference in the movie Notting Hill. As probably the most forgotten about main character, all the friends eat out in their once-an-architect-turned-chef’s restaurant two or three times during the movie. I first noticed this when I had a business partner who did Architectural Renderings. He and I often planned large work and community events together and we always ended up cooking. We made Barbeque, Paella, Steak, Salad side dishes…just about everything you can imagine. We’d do these events for groups as large as 300 sometimes. I think cooking is like architecture. There’s a good mix between technical and creative. Any good architect will have both skills mastered to create the ever popular form + function. I get excited while cooking and trying something off the fly, without a recipe, and it tastes great. Of course the designer in me has to make it look pretty too. Plating is everything.

That’s it. Those are my conclusions to why there is a connection between sailors, designers and food? Do you know a someone who enjoys all three? Or do you enjoy all three?

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