Sailing Video of the Week – “VELA” Episode One

John John Florence Takes to sailing in "VELA" Episode One

"VELA" Episode One - Our Video of the week on Get Wet Sailing.It’s been a while since we have done a video of the week, but we just couldn’t help ourselves this time. We stumbled upon this video earlier this week and we have already watched it several times. John John Florence takes to in “VELA” Episode One. He’s gearing up with some friends to sail to Palmyra in the middle of the Pacific.

Video of The Week - John John Florence sailing a Hobie 16' in VELA Episode 1.You might already be familiar with John John Florence and his surfing videos, (which are also fun to watch) but he’s taking a little turn toward and planning a big trip to Line Islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on his new boat. If you enjoy watching his surfing videos, you’ll enjoy watching his sailing videos. This video is both visually dynamic and entertaining. Our favorite part, is when he gives a little shout out to learning to sail on a Hobie 16′. If you have ever sailed on one, you’ll probably agree with John John and us, it’s a great boat to learn on. Check out his video below.

What do you think? Are you ready to set sail with a bunch of friends to the middle of the Pacific Ocean on the adventure of a lifetime? Okay, yes when we put it like that, it’s hard to say no. Do you think of John John more as a surfer, or as a sailor after watching “VELA” Episode One?

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