Alex Thomson Mast Walk

Our Video Of The Week- Alex Thomson Mast Walk

Alex Thompson Mast_WalkHe’s done it again! You may remember our previous post when we featured the Alex Thomson Keel Walk. That’s right, the heeled racing boat provides a sturdy platform for Solo world sailor Alex Thomson in his dapper Hugo Boss suit to stand and then dive off of.

Well they teamed up again to do a mast walk. We not going to lie when we say we watched this over and over about six times. It’s amazing that they can get the keel so far out of the water without capsizing the boat. It’s also amazing his mast is as tall as a ten story building. You’ll just have to watch six times yourself and you’ll see what we mean. Here’s our video of the week: Alex Thomson Mast Walk. Leave a comment and tell us what you think about this video!

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