Doyle Sails Are On All The Top Boats

Doyle Sails Representative, Bill Colombo dropped by our local sailing gathering a few weeks back to talk to us about sails.  It was great.   We learned about shape, materials, cuts and had a load of questions answered.

Doyle Sails is one of the premier sail lofts in the world, with shops in more then several location.  Bill is stationed in San Fransisco and made the trip just to talk to us, now that’s service.

I noticed as I opened my latest Sail Magazine  That Doyle had a big 2 page spread about Mark Mendelblatt and Brian Faith who will represent the US in the this summer in the Star Class.  Doyle made their sails.  It’s nice to have US sailors with sails made in America.  Check out this Video from Doyle as they analyze the Star Sail.

See what Doyle sails is doing with the Olympics on their Website. Thanks again Bill for a great presentation and for coming to Utah to share what you do.  And to our Hobie 16 followers, Doyle does make a great 16 sail.  Bill tells me white sails are the best value, but you know how we love our colors.

Comment on this post and tell us what you think.  We want to hear from you.  Terry Judd

Dolye makes Olympic Star Sails
Doyle Sailmakers


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  1. Bill Stevenson says

    Interesting. Cool they are doing the sails for the Olympic team, I love the Olympics- USA, USA.

    I am a novice sailor and never even have known what brand we were using. What makes these Doyle sails so special?

    I will check out our sails next time and see if we have Doyle sails.

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