West Marine Review – Inshore Inflatable Life Jacket

Check Out My West Marine Review – Inshore Inflatable Life Jacket

I’m pretty excited about it!  This little life jacket is something I’ve been wanting to try for sometime. Imagine my excitement when I won a West Marine Inshore Inflatable Life Jacket at the Bonneville Winter Sailing Seminars last week. There may still be ice on the lake, but I am more than ready to dive into this season.  I know all of you out there know how obnoxious wearing a life jacket can be. I think this happens to everyone while sitting on the boat;  your vest pops up underneath your chin and feels heavy and cumbersome around your middle.

This is completely different! It’s lightweight, easy to wear, and easy to use. The reviews from West Marine are in, and it has 4.5 out of 5 stars. Not bad for a smart little pfd. But instead of me writing about it, you can watch me give a full review in the video. Or click on the link below to visit West Marine’s website.

West Marine Inshore Automatic/manual Inflatable Life Vest; Red

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