Utah Lake Yacht Club

Utah Lake Yacht ClubSurprise! Many of you Utah sailors may not realize that the Yacht Club is still in existence. Yep it’s still up and running, although it may be hard to find. The best way to contact them is through their Facebook page Utah Lake Yacht Club Group Page. That has several active users, and many activities that have been going on during the summer. Here’s what member Jim Daniels wrote just last week on the Facebook Page:

“The Yacht Club – Student Chapter has been busy this summer – mostly sailing on Tuesdays at 4pm at the Provo Marina.
We’ve had more than 70 different students come out to some 17 events. Some individuals have come out to as many as 9 events. We have added Saturday events as well and hope to sail well into October…”
The truth is, ever since the BYU Yacht Club was disbanded a couple of years ago, the Utah Lake Yacht Club needs all the support it can get.  ATTENTION: UTAH SAILORS-THIS MEANS YOU! So check out their Facebook page, find out what’s going on and get out to the lake on Tuesdays. The more the merrier!


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  1. Scot Chipman says

    I thought you might like these weather links.

    Particularly these links which show hour-by-hour forecasted winds.
    *Provo airport forecast available around 6:00 AM

    *Provo airport forecast available around 6:00 PM

    These are high resolution weather forecasts that on average are by far the best place to get forecasted winds.
    *Works well for wind and direction, ok for precipitation, not good for temperature.
    *Add 15% to knots to convert to miles per hour.
    *12Z=6am, 15Z=9am, 18Z=12pm, 21Z=3pm, 00Z=6pm, 03Z=9pm

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