Wightsails-Recycled Sailcloth Making a Splash

I got on Twitter today just to see what was new and interesting. Sometimes I find the most interesting people and companies through our Twitter Followers. Today, I stumbled upon Wightsails. They take Recycled Sailcloth and turn it into something new. Say for instance, if we had some old sails sitting around in the garage, no rips or tears and a great design, but too worn out to sail with. We could send them into Wightsails and they would “upcycle” them and turn them into beach bags, beach chairs, ipad covers or wind screens. Anything really. Notice I mentioned that we “would send them in” because like their name, this company is located on the Isle of Wight, an island on the southern tip of England. While we are here in Utah,  it would be quite the shipment for us, but if you are a resident on the island they actually have recycling center located in a few harbors there.

How It Works:

  • You send in your sails to be recycled.
  • Depending on the condition and type and size of sails you turn in, they will give you a store-credit towards your next purchase.
  • Soon after your walking to the beach with your one-of-a-kind beach bag.

Why We Like Them:

  • They are all preserving the environment. Why let a good sail go to waste when there are so many other cool uses for it?
  • If you don’t want a store credit, they will make a donation to a local charity.
  • It’s simple and what a good idea!

They are also trying to reduce unwanted and unused sailcloth (the stuff that really can’t be used) back into fiber so it can be sold back to the manufacturing process.   It’s still a work in progress, but as far as we are aware, they are the only company we are aware of that is trying to do this.

Here are some pictures of their finished products. Oh yeah, they also take kite surfer sails, windsurfer sails, just any kind of old sails to make something new. If you are interested in recycling/upcycling your old sails, or just want them out of your garage and to a better place, here’s how to contact them.

Wight Sails


Facebook: www.facebook.com/wightsails

Twitter: @wightsails







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