Sailing Gloves On A Budget

Gloves- Here at Get Wet Sailing, we are always on the hunt for great quality and good value from our sailing equipment.  This sometimes means looking for items in places other then your local sailing shop.  For example work gloves from the hardware store can be great choice.  These gloves are made to be washed. For me, this means they will work great when wet.  I am now on my 2nd set of work gloves and I love them, they usually run about 25 bucks.  Check out this video we did a few seasons back.

My work (sailing) gloves have great grip, are soft and comfortable to wear.  Check out these work gloves from Black rhino, I picked up a pair of these at my local Costco a few months back and I think they will really work well.

As mentioned on the video, another place to get great “ gloves” is at your local bike shop, however they can also be a little pricey.  Also, go to your local fishing store or discount store like Wal-Mart for fishing gloves.  I picked up some gloves from the sporting goods section.  The “Berkley” winter fishing gloves are around $13.00 and they have a knit glove with the rubberized palm for around  $4.00.   These gloves are inexpensive and super grippy to hold onto those frisky fish.

The bad thing about getting sailing gloves from hardware store is you miss out on the Cool Factor when you’re around your sailing buddies. Big name gloves like Gill, Harken or Ronstan are great for sure.  They are purpose made for sailing and getting wet.  Sometime you can find closeouts or discounts of these brand name Sailing Gloves. Check out their own websites first and then some of the re-sellers like West Marine for good deals.

So, here is the bottom line. Sailing gloves from the Hardware store can be a great alternative to the big name brands.  They can get wet, grip well and last a couple of seasons.  They are light and functional and give a good value.  My recommendation is to give this a try and you will be suppressed at how well they work on the water.

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