Catamaran Trampoline Deck Accessory Net

Trampoline Deck Accessory Net- If you’re  like me, there is just no good way to keep your stuff on the deck.  Here is an inexpensive item to do just that. Holds down items like fins, spear gun, paddle, dry bags or your dry top. This is made to attach to a paddle board, but should be simple enough to do a set up on the catamaran trampoline deck.  Go to Everpaddle

Trampoline Deck Bag
Everpaddle Deck Net

and pick this up for the measly $10.99, add some hold down straps for a few bucks more and you have yourself a first class deck system. Trampoline Deck Accessory Net, Everpaddle Style.  You know you got to have it, and while you are there check out their deck bag for an inclosed storage system.

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