LED Headlights For Night Sailing

LED headlight for your next adventure. Want to add a little light to your next evening cruse or watch.  Check out this LED hat light from “Nite ize”

LED Hat Light
Simple Hat Light


Here is a description from their website: “Flexible and lightweight, the Nite Ize BrimLit is a convenient, LED-powered hands-free light that clips easily and securely onto nearly any hat, cap, or visor brim. Formed from high-density EVA foam, the BrimLit slides underneath your hat’s brim and easily accommodates its shape. Its two spring-tension clips automatically adjust to the brim’s thickness, and a quick press of the button activates the BrimLit’s four LED bulbs—choose high mode for more directed light or low mode for glow. Perfect for illuminating outdoor nighttime/early morning tasks around the campsite, in garage, hunting or fishing while keeping your hands free, as well as hard-to-reach jobs under cabinets and in a tight crawl space. Powered by two fully replaceable lithium batteries (included)”.

Here are the product details:

  • Available with 4 bright White LED lights.
  • Features both HIGH and LOW light output modes.
  • Flexible design shapes to fit nearly any shape hat brim
  • Two easily replaceable CR2032 batteries included
  • Dimensions: 2.9″ x 6.7″ x 0.6″
  • Weight: 1.1 oz

This is a great LED headlight for Night Sailing.  Order your own and you will be set.  Go to: http://www.niteize.com/

Update – As of 4/24/17 these lights are no longer available, but look below to find similar products.

LighGUIDE LED Hat Light

Panther Vision CUB3-278077 4 Ultra Bright White Led’s Lighted Hat

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  1. Tony Lee says

    When I hear “LED” I think of an HD Tv, haha Headlights for sailing at night seems pretty important, Once those break you need to replace that. I think their a boating law for that, at least with a car if a headlight or taillight goes out you must replace it or you can`t drive with it!

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