Westerly Pageant Boat Review

The Westerly Pageant Makes For An Ideal Family Cruiser

Safari Since 1920 we’ve seen the “Twin Keelers” roam the waters. Unfortunately, they had a bad rap early on many of the “Twin Keelers” were known also as “bilge-keelers” with a pair of fins and heavy centers. Because of this, they were slower and less racy. A true Twin Keeler has no center keel and a ballasted pair of fins.

History Aside- Small Craft Advisor recently tested these unique boats and here are the reviews that came in.

Age of Most Models: 1970’s

Performance: “Better than you’d expect” say most owners. The combo of speed and pointing ability make her move well on the water, even in light wind. Tacking was nice too. Built with an inboard engine when you need to motor out.

Transporting Trailering and Launching: Probably not the easiest boat to get onto the trailer. It is better classified as “Transportable” rather than truly “trailerable”. Her 6,000 lbs make it difficult to get on the trailer. However launching is not a problem and you can get on the water with lots of ease.

westerly-pageantSeaworthiness: Most owners agree that this boat is fully capable of rough seas and will stand up to the conditions you come across. Keep in mind that most owners also emphasize that she’s a plodder, not a racer.

Accommodations: Advertized as sleeping five, most say it’s really ideal for two. With full standing headroom below, there is a head, hanging locker, cold locker for refrigerated foods and a two burner locker.

Negatives: Not enough deck space for sun tanning and reclining is the most common complaint. Some performance is sacrificed for comfort as well as design. Design-wise the Pageant isn’t the sleekest looking boat.

Over All Value: With good ratings on performance, seaworthiness, and comfortable accommodations, the reviews are in and everyone is saying the Westerly Pageant is a good buy. If you’re looking for a durable steady boat that will give you all fun of sailing without the sporty-nature than this is the boat for you. Why not take a test drive?

To read more of the full review Click Here.

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Happy Sailing

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