Hobie Holder Rudder Project

Here it is, Our Hobie Holder Rudder Project. When we first got our Holder, this is what the rudder looked like:


It was practically in disrepair, but as usual, I looked at it and thought “let me see what I can do with that.” So I set to work sanding it over and over again. Then I used an Epoxy paint in a glossy black color.  I used a simple Appliance Epoxy paint like this one: Rust-Oleum 7881830 Appliance Enamel 12-Ounce Spray. After two seasons of using this rudder at least twice a week at the lake, the rudder is still being used. The paint has held up pretty well, but the wood underneath is slowly rotting away.


I then added a racing stripe or two just for flair. The designer in me wants everything to look cool, so I do what I can. Here’s what the finished product looks like:


Watch our video here to see it all in action from start to finish.  For more on our Hobie Holder project click here: Hobie Holder Before and After.


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