The Garmin Quatix GPS Watch

garmin quatix gps watch

While flipping through my latest Sail Magazine, I came across an ad for the new Garmin Quatix GPS Watch. The ad was so compelling, I had to find out more information. Turns out this watch is a little gem and it’s now near the top of my “Must-have list” for gear.

Doesn’t it look Cool?


Here’s Why You’ll Probably Want one too:

Mariners can rely on Quatix for multiple sets of marine datum such as:

  • Tidal Information
  • COG (course over ground)
  • SOG (speed over ground)
  • VMG (velocity made good)
  • Alerts for speed and anchor drag

Quatix is also equipped with:

  • ABC sensors (altimeter, barometer and compass)
  • Built-in barometer-Predicts weather changes
  • 3-axis electronic compass provides the user’s bearing, whether in motion or not.

Quatix can easily set up a virtual starting line between two GPS waypoints. It then combines the starting line with the built-in countdown timer to calculate both distance and time to the starting line. After the race has started, the watch then switches to “tack-assist” mode and indicates whether the vessel is getting headed or lifted based on the optimal tack angle provided and makes for a more efficient and controlled experience.

And of course, all of this information can be linked to all other Garmin equipment in your boat and then saved and downloaded, so you can analyze your information and improve your skills in the future.

If you are already sold and want one…Here’s a link to where you can find it at West Marine. It retails for $449.  If you still want more info, then watch the video below that Garmin sent to us, and then come back and click the link below, pretty sure you’ll want one too after watching this! Cheers!


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