Hitch Alignment System By Hitchin Stixx

Backing your truck up to the trailer hitch and hitting it “right on” is not easy.  In comes a new product: HITCHIN’-STIXX.  A few weeks ago the Get Wet crew went to the local boat show to see what was new and found a great system for backing your vehicle up to your boat trailer.  When it comes to “helps” the old phrase KISS (keep it simple stupid) always works for me.

This super simple system makes it ultra easy to back up to your trailer without having to see it or have someone there to help you.  It doesn’t require any special knowledge or skills.

Look over the photos

Trailer Hook Up System
Super Simple Guide to backing up to your trailer

and check out the video and you will soon see how easy this is. It takes a few moments to set it up and bam your hooked up and ready to go. We love this system and product. It will fit behind a seat or stores in a small area where it’s ready to deploy.

Hittchin’ Stixx gets a big thumbs up from .com. Jim DeMille the inventor is great and will help you get your own Hitch Alignment System. You can reach Jim at his Website www.hitchinstixx.com

***Update 7.26.16*** HithcinStixx is no longer available online.

Backing Up System
Backing Up System

Hitchin Stixx







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