Cheap Diver Boat Bottom Cleaner

Cheap Diver boat bottom cleaner is a better way we have found to polish that grimy boat bottom. With the old fashioned way all you needed was a pair of goggles, a scotch brite pad and a high tolerance for cold water on those early morning dives. Thankfully, brilliant minds and Seattle J/24 sailors, Joy Okazaki and Mike Johnson, were tired of this method and created and designed the product the Cheap Diver.

Here’s what it looks like:

cheap diver

This lightweight, durable mesh material will clean the bottom of your boat without leaving a scratch on it. In an ideal situation, you would used this when you are in the middle of a race and have to dock overnight. As sailors, we all know that just one night in the water and the bottom can start lose it’s slick polished luster and cause a loss at the race the next day. This product is not intended for scraping barnacles, rust or sloughing paint.

Here’s How it Works:

cheap diver example

The Cheap Diver works best with two people.

  1. Drape over the bow of the boat.
  2. Saw the mesh back and forth across the hull.
  3. For most fin keels: Walk aft while flossing until it pops off behind the keel,
  4. Walking with one end of the CD around the bow, get both ends are on one side of the boat.
  5. Then walk forward and aft while flossing to get the side of the keel.
  6. Move aft, hit the leading edge of the keel, and then continue until you reach the transom.
  7. Repeat from the bow until it’s behind the keel, then walk the other end around the bow and clean the other side of the keel.
  8. After you’re finished hang it on a halyard to dry.
  9. Once it’s dry, stuff it in its back and tuck away into storage.

cheap diver boat cleaner

cheap diver keel sides

Cheap Diver Top of the keel

How Much is it?

  • $45.00, Short (24 ft length)
  • $60.00, Long (36 ft length)

       Prices do not include shipping/handling

Where can you find it?

Happy Cleaning with your Cheap Diver Boat Bottom Cleaner! ~Terry




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  1. Kerri says

    We have a 32 ft Bayliner. Would your cheap dive hull cleaner work

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