The Yacht Week Moments – Sailing Back to Our Roots in Sweden

The Yacht Week Moments – Back to Our Roots in Sweden

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I stumbled upon this video about a year ago, and I find myself coming back to it all the time and watching it over and over again. If you’re not familiar with The Yacht Week, it’s a company that organizes yachting trips for young adults all over the world. We enjoy watching their videos, because they are really well done, entertaining and make us want to go sailing in exotic locations. Let’s be honest, these yacht weeks are mostly for kids to go out and do a lot of partying and a little bit of sailing.

We just enjoying the sailing aspect of the videos, and in this particular video the partying is left aside as they visit their roots in Sweden. I have never been to Sweden, but I can imagine sailing there is probably chilly but extremely beautiful. And it doesn’t hurt, that these guys have a gorgeous boat to on.

I hope you enjoy our video of the week this week.

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