C-Fly Coastal: Flying on the Water

C-Fly Coastal: The Hydrofoil

c-fly coastal hydrofoils

We recently discovered this new and innovative sailboat by through one of their videos. The video demonstrates a remarkable combination of engineering, technology and  a love for speed. If you caught any of the America’s Cup this past September, you probably noticed that the catamarans they sailed on looked as though they were hovering in the air 4-6 feet above the waves. If you were like us, we were watching it from home wondering what it feels like to go that fast and be that light on the water.

Welcome C-Fly on to the market. This is a boat that has all the perks. They explain it best, so here’s what they explain “How It Works”:

“In light winds C-FLY is designed to sail in displacement mode in the same way as a conventional high performance multi-hull. This allows the performance to be optimized across the whole wind range without the drag penalty of hydrofoils in light winds.  As the wind increases the foils are deployed at sea, C-FLY lifts up on to the foils and flies across the water, literally doubling its speed. To lower and raise the hydrofoils C-FLY incorporates a unique canard hydrofoil mechanism with a fully rotating bow section.”

c-fly coastal

Now that you have an idea, let’s let the video do all the talking

The owner designers and creators of the C-FLY concept are Richard Varvill and Chris Edwards. Dr Nigel Wright and Peter Whitelaw are on the team as crew. They all came together to create a fast and equally stable hydrofoil sailboat.

They say this boat is a thrill to sail and trailerable which is a big plus! For more information on how you can get your hands on this boat, or take it out for a spin here is their website: C-Fly.co.uk

C-Fly Offshore- The Big Sister

Here’s the latest from a press release C-Fly put out about their newest project:

“C-FLY Ocean represents the emergence of a new species of hydrofoil sailing boat. She will be the 18m big sister to C-FLY Coastal; the revolutionary 40 knot, 8m hydrofoil sailing catamaran.

C-FLY has unique pioneering foil technology that enables sailing at high average speeds, in extreme wind and sea conditions. The hydrofoil configuration is analogous to a fighter jet plane where the craft is guided by forward mounted hydrofoil canards and lifted by rear mounted main foils. Unlike any other hydrofoil in existence, there is no need for pitch control systems; liberating her to tackle even the most aggressive sea conditions. Additionally, the foils can be raised out of the water to enable her to press on in light airs.

C-Fly Ocean will be capable of challenging for the world’s greatest records such as the Transat, Transpac and Round-the-World trophies.”

If you’re heading to Lake Garda in Italy in July you can find C-Fly at the first International Foiling Regatta in the world. See them in action here: FoilingWeek.com

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