The Yachting Channel and Other Sailing TV

The Yachting Channel

The Yachting Channel

There’s a new channel out there in smart TV land called the Yachting Channel. It may not be exactly what you expect. It’s a mix between random YouTube videos and professional boat manufacturers. It’s like the boat show walked out of the convention center and right into your living room. Some professional videos along with homemade iphone vids make up this eclectic channel all divided into categories such as, “Catamarans,” “Sailing Yachts” and “Skipper Stories”.

yachting channel

How Do I Get The Yachting Channel?

The Yachting Channel is free and sponsored by OVP and Roku Channel Developer We found it on our Roku Channel Store under “Special Interest”. It’s something to check out, and during this long dark days of winter sometimes sometimes you’re in need of a sailing fix, even if that fix comes from within your TV screen.

What is It’s where you find out what’s going on around the world in sail racing. That’s right finally you can watch racing to your hearts content, until you realize you have to get back to work again. You can also ind this on your Roku. Looks like Roku and smart TV’s are finally getting the idea that we want to see more sailing! Good news, if you don’t own a Roku or have access to one, then you can find these guys on YouTube.

Happy Sailing! And Happy Watching!

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