Antique Wooden Boat Restoration in Utah

Have you ever wished there was an Antique Wooden Boat Restoration Class in Utah? Special delivery- your wish has come true. Truth be told it’s never been a wish of mine, but for my dad or my brother, it’s what they’d do everyday if they could. Who can say no to a few weeks of classes in a shop learning how to restore, repair and build an Antique or classic wooden boat? Dream Fulfilled.

Here’s what you want to know; What, When, Where, How Much and Why.

What: Instructor DeWitt Smith will be teaching techniques and ‘tips from the trades’ of wooden boat repair and restoration. The classes will be taught in a 3 part series with 3 different boats to work on:

  • 1963 Chris Craft Sportsman 17 (a mahogany planked inboard engine runabout) and
  • Star class 22’ Keelboat sailboats (2 of them)

        PART  1   Two, two-hour classes covering history and basic survey of these craft and creating a plan for their restoration.

        PART  2    Five, two-hour classes covering marine woodworking, mechanical systems, electrical systems, sailboat rigging & sails,    marine paints, adhesives and varnishing.
        PART  3    Seven, two-hour work sessions on different days than above; your chance to work along side of very experienced instructors as we restore our three project craft.

When: Summer 2012, Specific Dates still TBA Visit for more information.

Where: Bonneville School of Sailing & Seamanship – Salt Lake City classroom
1116 South Richards Street (50 West), Salt Lake City – Entrance at Rear of building.
Classes and Work Sessions are scheduled to start at 7pm, ending at 9-9:30pm

How Much:

Part I: Cost:  $70.00     Limit 10 students.

Part II: Cost:  $200.00     Limit 6 students.

Part III: Cost:  $15.00 per 2 hour work session.    Limit 5 per session.

Why: Cost For all three sessions: $285;

Gas money to SLC: $10;

A night at the shop, with classic hand tools at your fingertips, building and restoring an antique wooden boat with your own two hands: Priceless.

Enough Said. ~Megan

Here’s how to Register:

REGISTRATION:   Call 801.636.5204 or


Contact DeWitt Smith, Lead Instructor (801) 631-9648

Visit This Page: for more information.


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  1. Todd Frye says

    Dewitt has been building boats since he was a teenager. We’re excited to have someone with his talents and experience to share his knowledge with us.
    Thank you Get Wet Sailing for helping us get the word out!

    1. getwet says

      You Bet Todd,
      It will be a lot of fun working with Dewitt, and the end product will be fun to sail!

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