Mooring and Anchoring Overnight in Utah Lakes

A couple months ago, the question came up: “Is there or anchoring overnight in Utah Lakes?” Good question. Mooring overnight isn’t the most common thing in Utah lakes, especially since sailing isn’t as popular of a hobby here. So we dug in and did some investigation. After reading through a couple of Rules and Regulations Manuals and calling a few phone numbers this is what I have found.

Yes- it is very legal and very possible to anchor your boat in the middle of the lake (or “moor it” for a more proper sailing term) in Utah. Most of the time this comes with  a fee of around $15. The trick is every lake in Utah will vary a little in price, so make sure you call before you set out for your overnight adventure.

Utah Sailboat Navigation Lights RulesIn the state of Utah you also must display proper navigation lights as seen in book, “Highlights from Utah’s Boating Laws and Rules”. This book also provides other gems of information useful for both sailboats and motorboats I grabbed a quick snap from the book.

So Utah readers, there you have it, the answer to the question of can you spend the night on the lake? Why yes you can!


Here are some helpful links that will give you more information.


Contact Numbers to Each State Park and Lake in Utah

The Boating Page for the Utah State Park

The pdf of Highlights from Utah’s Boating Laws and Rules

-Happy Sailing! ~megan


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