The ZEMgear O2 Oxygen Ninja Split Toe

ZEMgear O2 Oxygen Ninja Split Toe


The ZEMgear O2 Oxygen Ninja Split Toe is our next best water shoe. Here’s the deal, we are always looking for the another great water shoe to wear on the boat. The requirements are:

  • Comfortable
  • Fit Well, so they won’t slip off your feet
  • Durable, they have to last more than one season
  • Get Wet, dry fast, get wet again, dry fast again
  • Breathable
  • Look Cool

Now that you know what we’re looking for, you might remember a while ago we did an article on the Vibram Five Fingers Shoe as a good boat shoe idea for women. It’s true,  Vibram and ZEMgear are competitors, we wanted to feature these ZEMgear O2 Oxygen Ninja Split Toe, since they may have some things the others might lack.  These ZEMgear shoes do the trick and fulfill all of the requirements listed above. Here are some things you’ll want to know before buying these shoes (and don’t worry this won’t scare you off).

These shoes are designed to go on sand, mud and the deck of a sailboat or motor boat. The soles are grippy enough to grab at the wet boat deck so you won’t be slipping off anytime soon. These shoes also do well when they get wet. They are breathable and dry fast. It also won’t leave any marks on your clean white boat, that’s important to us sailors!

ZEMgear O2 Oxygen Ninja Split ToeRe-conditions natural arch and enhances foot strength and heightened proprioception improves balance, two more things that are important when on land or sea. If you are a runner you can take these to the gym and test out on the treadmill, along with a long run on the street or sidewalk. How’s that for a multipurpose shoe? The sizes are easy to figure out as well. But don’t take just our word for it, GO HERE for more reviews on and ZemGear to look at their site directly and get the scoop.

They are pretty cool shoes!

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