USA Summer Games: Our Hobie 16 Re-Cap

USA Summer Games

Every year we look forward to this event and this year did not disappoint. We had a bit of a game changer this year, Megan joined me on the boat for the first race, and then Tyler and I were back in the saddle for the last two races. Let me be frank: IT WAS A WINDY DAY! Besides the year of the microburst and near Hypothermia, this was the strongest and most consistent wind I had ever seen at Deer Creek. Not that I was complaining, but it made for a very thrilling and exhausting race.

I can’t lie, we hit a few roadbumps this year. Unexpected things came loose, feel off and went wrong during the race making it hard for us to take first. Every race is a learning experience though. We had a great turn out for Nacra’s, about 8 in total. There were 4 other 16’s, two dinghy boats, and a Hobie 20. It was a great day, took us a little while to get this video to you. Since our camera died in the middle of the race and we were too busy trying to control the boat, we didn’t get as much on the water footage as planned, but here are some of the highlights. Till next year USA Summer Games…not sure if I can wait that long.~Terry

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