Trapeze Wire Grip From Ronstan

A couple of years ago we found this article on Sailing Magazine by Dave Reed on Ronstan’s Trapeze Wire Grip.  Here it is 2014 and still no real feedback on if this tool is working for sailors on the water.

Here’s what we know about it:

Ronstan's Trapeze Wire Grip
Ronstan’s Trapeze Wire Grip

It’s Equally suited to wire and rope line trapeze for use on dinghies, skiffs and OTB catamarans.

Steven Thomas, a 2 timer 29er World Champ  gave it a review and said this about the Trapeze Wire Grip:

“They’re clean and comfortable, easy to hold, and easy to see,” says Thomas. “They also sit over the cleat nicely and don’t fly up.”
Here’s the Diagram From Ronstan’s Site on how it attaches:
Adjustable Wire Trapeze system
Adjustable Wire Trapeze system
We haven’t had a chance to get the Hobie out much this summer and consequently haven’t been trapping out as much as normal so we want to hear from you. Have you tried this? What do you think of it? Leave a comment or send us an email!


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