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In this post, we wanted to introduce you to something all yacht owners face, but not all know how to deal with; How to manage everything on board while out at sea or at the dock. Our friend John contacted us a little while ago about his company Galatea, a system for management services.

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Galatea is boat management system that it allows you to spend more time sailing, and less time dealing with technical difficulties. Galatea started in 2012 when a few directors from the marine industry met with a few directors from the outsourcing industry. They talked about how even in 2014 boat owners are still frustrated with the level of technical service they are getting after paying a lot of money on their boats, when what they really want to do is just enjoy their boat. and so, Galatea was born.

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So let’s say you’re out on your yacht and you have malfunctioning equipment, breakdowns or faults. What do you do in most cases? Spend your time and money trying to get what you need as soon as possible wherever you are on the water. Galatea is unique because of their International Technical Support Center you can call whenever you need to. They can also put you in touch with their local service providers wherever you are located.

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For Our Get Wet readers, we had to ask Two main questions:

  1. Do you provide services for smaller boats under 70 ft?
  2. Do your services extend out of Europe and into the U.S.?

John came back with an immediate “YES”! to both. He said that their services are even used for smaller boats down to 30 ft.

 You can also keep track of all of your boats information such as:

  • Service History Logs
  • Maintenance Schedules and Alerts
  • Boat Layouts and Equipment Information
  • To Do List
  • Contacts
  • Much More…

The video below explains more about how Galatea works.

Of course, we couldn’t end our conversation without asking John, “Do you sail? What is your favorite boat to sail?” His answer was too good to paraphrase, so here it is word for word:

“OF COURSE I SAIL ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! 😉  Well I would have to say I enjoy HANSE 495, our corporate yacht. I also love the Lagoon catamarans when I’m chartering with big groups of  friends or family.”

Nice John! When can we get a ride and try out Galatea? Click below to get to their website and find more info.

A Hanse 495
A Lagoon 560
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