Tips on Tacking Your Hobie Cat

Sometimes you have to thank the heavens for the invention of slow motion! When you’re on the boat and tacking or even watching a video of someone tacking on their Hobie, it seems to happen in a swoop and a flash. If you’re a novice you may have just been told to quickly move to the other side of the boat without really knowing what just happened.

We want to thank the guys at HobieCatNorge on YouTube for posting this video of them tacking in slow motion and then talking through each detail of the tack. We found this video extremely useful and with their almost 50,000 views we’re surprised we hadn’t found this sooner. Even if you have seen this video before it’s always a good idea to watch again and brush up for Tips on Tacking Your Hobie Cat.

To read more about tacking, read our article on Tacking Your Hobie – The Art of the Tack.

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