Z Blok Sunscreen- For The Serious Sailor-Update

Our favorite sunscreen for one big reasonUPDATE: Watch our review below!  We spent all day at the lake and in the sun. In and out of the water and no stingy eyes and no sunburn! Rave Reviews from the GWS team! We want to hear what you think if you have tried Z Blok yet and what you thought of it! Leave a comment below!

Is there really a sunscreen out there designed for the serious sailor that offers complete protection and won’t sting when it gets in your eyes? Sure is. It’s called  Z Blok sunscreen. This sunscreen offers 30 SPF, but won’t run and sting your eyes. That’s why athletes (like sailors) love wearing it. It was even named the official sunscreen for the 2012 Puma Ocean Racing Team in the Volvo Ocean Race.

Here’s What’s Great About It:

  • 30 spf (uva/uvb rays)
  • Contains a clear Zinc Oxide-gives protection without having the embarrassing all white nose
  • Does Not contain Petrolium-based products that do sting eyes

It’s made for sailors Speaking of sailors here are some that have given testimonials:

  • Erik Storck, US Team AlphaGraphics 49er Helm
  • Kenny Read, PUMA Ocean Racing Skipper
  • Robbie Haines, North Sails, San Diego, CA
  • Joy Ruel, Sailor from Mattapoisett MA

Our favorite sunscreen for sailing.That’s it. Sometimes the best products are the simplest to describe. I have very sensitive eyes myself, so I am ordering some as we speak. I can’t wait to try this out and let you know how it works. I am hoping my eyes will be thanking me for making the switch! The good news, is that this product is fairly inexpensive: only $11.49 on Amazon.

Here’s Our Video Review of when we tested the product.

Our Favorite Sunscreen for sailing. Z Block.

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  1. efpierce says

    I need some of that. I purposely don’t put sunscreen near my eyes because of the burning it causes by then I get these weird looking sunburn marks around my eyes like I am wearing a very bright red mask. I haven’t seen this anywhere in stores, so I suppose I’ll be on Amazon tonight buying some. 🙂

  2. matt n. says

    Sunblock is one of the most important things we can bring along now days. Skin cancer is a bad thing to get and most cases can be avoided by just taking a few minutes to protect your skin. I really like the all white nose, it’s kind of retro 80’s! I guess I could go without it and try the Z Blok.

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