Women’s Sailing Shorts

I wish I had a good picture to show you what my new pair of women’s shorts looked like, but I don’t. Why? Because I haven’t found anything yet that fits the needs of a woman sailor. Sure, there are lots of different options for men and swim and sailing wear. If you live in a fairly tropical climate, then most likely your sailing wear includes your favorite swim trunks and your bare feet. If you live up north or in places like San Fransisco, Seattle, Newport, RI or England, then chances are your favorite sailing attire includes a long sleeve quick dry shirt, a windbreaker jacket and perhaps some quick drying/windproof pants, gloves, booties and a hat.

What do you do about those in between days? And what do you do if your a girl? Yep, this is the dilemma I’ve had since I started a few years ago. Let’s face it, as a girl is impractical to wear just my suit. I want some shorts, since I’ll be moving around a lot. Standing up, sitting down, kneeling, on the tramp, off the tramp, on the rail, on the deck. I need something with a drawstring waist so my shorts don’t fall in case I fall in the water. I want pockets! Especially pockets with zippers so nothing can fall out. I want lots of color and pattern options, I mean it needs to match my suit. I want to look good. So here’s a sketch of what I want.

Woman's Sailing Shorts

That’s all I want. A nice pair of Women’s Sailing Shorts, that will last more than one season, function well and look good enough I can wear them all day. Does anyone know where I can find these? Or does anyone want to make them for me? Let me know if you do! ~Megan

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