White Sails vs. Colored Sails: Which Is Better?

White vs Color

While visiting Ullman in San Diego last week, an interesting conversation emerged. As I was setting up our camera equipment to do our interview up in the sail loft I started chatting with Tom, who was been working in the sail making industry for forty five years in San Diego.  He was busily repairing white sail for a large monohull. After some small talk the question presented itself: White Sails vs. Colored Sails, Which Is Better?

Here’s what he had to say:

“After repairing for forty five years, I can say that I have had to repair more white sails more often than blue, green or any other colored sail.” When I asked him why the white sails would wear out faster, he said there was no scientific evidence behind the phenomenon, but he’s best reasoning was due to the dye they use for white sails. There is only one dye they use to make “sail white” amongst all brands and shapes and sizes. A colored sail can use several different dyes and that may affect the durability of the sail.

We often talk about what color sail we like seeing better on the water. With modern technologies, the skies the limit for what color and design you’d like on your sail, especially on a spinnaker. When it comes to tradition there is nothing like seeing the crisp white against the blue water and sky. I never thought I’d be trading a traditional white sail for a more durable colored one.

Something to think about.

Ullman Sails San Diego

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