What does an Oracle Sailor Wear?

What does an oracle sailor wear while prepping for their big race in America’s Cup next month? We’ve got the scoop on what’s protecting these athletes from the sun, wind, water and of course helping them sail into victory.

Puma was excited to announce that they would be the official outfitters for team Oracle. “There was only one company for us. It was PUMA. It’s a hot brand with seriously cool gear,” said ORACLE Racing Skipper James Spithill during a press briefing today at the inaugural America’s Cup World Series regatta in Cascais, Portugal. The partnership will be built around a full design and development program to meet the exceptional demands athletes face while racing new high-speed America’s Cup wingsailed multihulls.

“This will be one the toughest briefs ever given to a clothing company,” said Spithill. “The guys onboard will have phenomenal aerobic work rate, with high body temperatures, whilst needing protection from drenching spray. Not only will boatspeeds exceed 30 knots (35mph/40kph) creating wind chill, but the clothing must be aerodynamically efficient for low drag.”

As you can see, Puma had a tough job in front of them trying to keep all these factors in mind. Whether we are racing in an iconic race like the America’s Cup, or just out for a day sail around the point, sometimes it’s hard to find the best gear. If you’re ready to look like an Oracle Racer, we suggest you start here:

Oracle Sailor Wear Oracle Sailor Wear


Try These Harken Sport Men’s Ballistic Eco Pants found on Amazon.com

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If You want to look like you just don’t care about what you look like while sailing, we suggest you start here:

Captain Jack Sparrow

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  1. efpierce says

    It looks like Puma was up to the challenge! That’s very cool to have big name sponsorship aboard when they take sail next month. Go Team Oracle!!

  2. matt n. says

    Does Red Bull sponsor the America’s Cup and other races or is it just on a team by team basis and does the same go for Puma? It’s interesting to see what they are going to be wearing and who is sponsoring the events.

    1. getwet says

      Red Bull is just sponsor for the America’s Team Oracle I believe.

  3. James says

    What was the device the was a wearable waterproof ipad holder?



    1. getwet says

      James- which picture are you referring to? Or are you looking at a clip of them sailing with a wearable waterproof ipad holder? Let us know and we’ll see if we can find out for you. ~Tyler

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