Top 10 Famous People Sailing

What is it with our fascination with famous people sailing? Sometimes it seems as though America is obsessed with our celebrities and how they spend their free time. When one of them stops (or doesn’t stop) to pose for a picture on their yacht every now and then, we as sailors feel a certain connection with them. We must be interested too since we have our own board on Pinterest, affectionately titled, “Famous People Sailing“. I think we like it as sailors since we feel an added connection with someone once we find out they sail. takes a certain set of skills and meeting someone, anyone who has the same skills and interest as you humanizes them. It makes them more real and more interesting to get to know. That’s why we are so interested in meeting different sailors from around the world and learning their own sailing experiences. We love hearing your stories here at Get Wet Sailing and what kind of adventures you have on the water.

Since I tend to be a visual person, that’s why I like Pinterest so much, I thought I would highlight some of my favorite celeb sailing photos from our board. Below is  list of Top 10 Famous People Sailing. You might just be surprised by who you see has a passion for sailing.


10. Albert Einstein



9. Humphrey Bogart


8. Zac Efron



7. Lauren Bacall



6. Larry Ellison Silicon Valley CEO of Oracle Sailing.



5. Clark Gable



4. Jeremy Irons



3. Ted Turner



2. Walter Conkite



1. JFK and Jackie Sailing-there are more pictures than one can count of these two on the water.


And just for good measure, here is one more, Grace Kelly sailing off of what looks like the coast of Monaco.


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  1. Crispin Haskins says

    Number seven is Lauren Bacall not Grace Kelly. Thought you’d want to know.

    1. getwet says

      Thanks for the correction. Our original sources said Grace Kelly. Good catch!

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