The Even Keel Project

Not too long ago we learned about the Even Keel Project, a charity that is devoted to making sailing available to everyone regardless of ability, age, gender or background. Their mission is to give opportunities to those that may have physical or mental disabilities. By giving both the disabled and able bodied, an opportunity to along side together, take classes and race, it brings people together and gives a sense of escapism. We couldn’t agree with this more,  no matter who you are, your age, gender, race  or situation, sailing can be a very stress relieving and empowering activity.

The Even Keel Project also serves groups and individuals for rehabilitation purposes and acts as a training ground for those who want to competitively or sail just for fun. We think this is a great idea. Only few sports can provide both a tranquil ride coupled with an adrenaline racing, physically and mentally demanding activity while seated and teaching coordination out on the water. Small boat sailing fits this bill entirely. For their match races, an abled bodied pro sailor is teamed up with a less abled body amateur to compete for their own award cup.

This group is located in England and is currently working with people from all over England and Wales. Check out this video below from the Artemis Even Keel Challenge a couple of years ago. It explains more about their races and programs.

We think this group is doing great things to support and build the sailing community in new ways. If you are interested in being a participant or donating to their program click on the link below and it will take you to their website.

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