A Day in the Life of the Swiss Sailing Team

A couple of years ago we did a post about the Swiss Boat Alinghi, and gave an update on their status. Well, today I stumbled across this little gem. It’s a short video that shows a day in the life of the Swiss Sailing Team.

From what I can tell this is their daily schedule:

  1. Eat Breakfast (cereal)
  2. Workout at the gym
  3. Workout by the pool with a pilates ball
  4. Ride their bikes down to the marina
  5.  Sail
  6. Go Sailing
  7. Sail until it’s time to come in.

Sounds like a pretty good day to me. Anyone else think it’s great that the has to practice in Perth, Australia?

Enjoy the video- It’s actually an HQ video so there are lots of great sailing shots!

PS- Check Out The Windsurfer- He’s pretty good!

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