The SeaCart 26 OD

What is the SeaCart 26 OD? Just a new trimaran that we can’t wait to jump on. This sailboat hold 3-4 comfortably as an inshore and coastal match racer. It has a good reefing system and hard wind sails that enable just two to handle the boat if necessary. have been on the rise in popularity for racing because of their fast speeds. It’s no wonder that SeaCart wanted to create a boat that they like to label as “Changing the Game Again”.

seacart26SeaCart 26 OD Specifications

Length incl. rudder 7.92 m / 26’
Beam 5.60 m / 18’4”
Beam Folded 2.33 m / 7’8”
Draft C/board down 1.49 m / 4’11”
Curved Foils/Dagger Boards Length 1.8m / 5’9’’
Weight Empty less than 800 kg / <1764 lb
Mast Length 11.9 m / 39’1”
Mast Clearance Height 13 m / 42’65’’
Mast Circumference 534 mm / 1’75’’


It’s time for Pros and Cons


  • It’s trailerable and lightweight so a medium-sized car can tow it.
  • Cabin seating holds 6, with two bunks in the hulls and a galley
  • Built with carbon fiber that’s durable light and manageable
  • Built to go fast and on the edge- there is a good chance you’ll be flying for a good portion of the time


Well we haven’t really found any yet. Everyone who has sailed one, loved it, and either wants to go again, or buy one.

This Swedish-based company tours Europe, New Zealand and the US frequently.  They are even willing to let you give it a try for only 95 Euros, so you can test it out before you buy. Make sure to visit their website to look at their pre-scheduled tour so you can hop on one when they are in town. The SeaCart 26 is a take off of it’s older brother the SeaCart 30 that was released in 2008. The 26 was designed by Marc Lombard who also designed the 30. Mike Drummond, a member of BMW ORACLE Racing’s Design Team and America’s Cup Hall of Fame, acted as a consultant and technical advisor.



For More information the SeaCart 26, please visit their website Here:


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