A Sailor’s Top 7 Christmas Wish List

What do we want for Christmas here at Get Wet Sailing? You asked for it, and now you’ve got it. A Sailor’s Top 7 .  Sailing boats and gear that we think should be on every Sailors Christmas List. Here We Go:

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7.  Adidas Climacool Boat Sleek Water Shoe

We’ve had our eye on these colorful kicks for some time. All the reviews are in and everyone likes the way the fit and feel. The holes in the bottom allow for water drainage.  Pick your favorite color and check these out on Amazon. For more women’s boat shoes read our post here.

  • Mesh
  • Climacool provides 360-degree cooling for the entire foot
  • Air mesh upper for maximum breathability
  • Comfortable textile lining
  • Stretchable heel insert for optimal fit
  • NON MARKING rubber outsole


6.  Velocitek ProStart

We’ve been wanting one for years. Now is the best time to buy with all of their upgraded features, this little gem has everything you want to know about what’s happening on the water. Monitor your speed second by second, find out what direction you’re heading  and more. This Pro Start is an upgraded version of the Speed Puck since it includes GPS, which is a must for offshore sailing. More from Velocitek.

  • Mounting cradle included
  • Speed and Heading updated twice a second
  • Compact, low-profile design Maximum speed recall
  • Bar graph for lift / header indication
  • Waterproof to 3m
  • Can be handheld to read when hiking on a sport boat or boat mounted on a dinghy
  • 20+ hrs of battery life and GPS data storage


5. A New Hobie 16 Tramp

HObie 16 Tramp

The tramp on our Hobie 16 is starting to fray on the edges  and is washed out and peeling from sun exposure. It’s finally time for a replacement.  Our friend Ben makes Hobie 16 tramps, along with other Hobie and Prindle tramps, righting lines, tramp covers and accessories. Here’s the link to his eBay store. Maybe if we ask nicely we can get a new one from him to put on our Hobie 16. The big question now is which color should we get?  Grey, black, blue…I’m pushing for a blue.


4. An Anchor Carrier Bag from Anchor Gloves

Anchor Carrier Bag

We seem to go through our “go bags” really fast.  Between being hung up in the garage for 6 months at a time and being thrown into the back of the truck a couple of times a week, our bags get a work out.  Since we love our Gloves so much that we got a couple of months ago from Anchor Gloves, we wanted to to try out these cool bags that they offer. We’re big fans of their gloves, so we’re thinking their other products will be just as good.


3. Helly Hansen Men’s Crew Midlayer Rain and Sailing Jacket

Helly Hanson Sailing Jacket

NauticExpo seems to give this offshore sailing jacket a good review so we want to too. Great color, especially if you need to be spotted on a stormy day in the ocean. Durable, practical, helps keep you warm and dry, sign me up. More Here.


  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • HELLYTECH PROTECTION (waterproof, breathable, windproof)
  • Fleece lined collar and pockets, as well as an adjustable fit add extra protection from the cold
  • 2 ply fabric construction, one hand adjustable hem, adjustable cuffs, Hand warmer pockets
  • Quick-dry lined for comfort, Durable Water Repellency treatment (DWR) and Fully seam sealed to ensure full weather protection



2. Zhik boot 260 – ZHK-BOOT-260

There aren’t as many reviews on this product which means maybe it’s time for us to try them out and do our own review. What we’ve seen so far from , we really like, so we’re anxious to see how these booties fare. For cold weather sailors, having booties is an important part of the uniform. You don’t want to have to worry about your cold wet feet when the wind is blowing and giving you the ride of your life. We found these and other Zhik stuff on Amazon.

Features ZHIKGRIP ZhikGrip hiking system incorporated into the rubber upper gives improved grip and connectivness with Zhik Hiking straps. ZHIK CUSTOM SOLE High grip compound with Zhik custom tread. SIDE LACE SYSTEM Patented lace system gives ultra snug fit for maximum comfort and control. New extra wide gusset facilitates easy entry. SUPPORTIVE UPPER CONSTRUCTION Engineered to provide maximum support for your foot, 50mm ankle strap takes the load for hiking sailors.

1. Corsair Sprint 750 MK II

Who doesn’t want a new boat for Christmas? I want this one because it’s fast, and it doesn’t heel that much. It’s the happy medium for my wife and I. I like the adrenaline rush and the speed, she like the steady pleasant sail. For this one, I just think the video will explain it all.


Merry Christmas Everyone! These last minute items might just make your sailor happy all year long. We hope you can take a minute to remember the true Spirit of Christmas and look forward to giving back as your best Christmas Gift.

  1. Natalie says

    Just looked at your wish list. I also am wishing for a Velocitek ProStart. I’ve been looking at speed puck for a couple of years, actually. They are expensive, and am wondering if it is worth the price. Have they had you do a review for them??Would like to know what you think. Thanks!

  2. Dan says

    I like those Zhik 260 Boots. Do you know if they hold up for more than one season? Do they have a Dry Suit to go with it?

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