Sailing Knee Pads

Sailing Knee Pads
Knee Pads

Knee Pads- Do your knees take a beating like mine.  For quite a while we sailed our Hobie Cat 16 without any knee protection.   Then about 3 seasons ago we were in a several races that lasted several hours.  My knees were raw.  As the tramp started to wear out the tramp acted like sand paper on our knees. I needed some good knee pads before the next racing season.  I went on the hunt for protection and it had to be good, I was not going to suffer through another race day like that.

First off I know you can find some really great knee pads from the major sailing suppliers like the “Spinlock”  from the Sailing Pro Shop. But at $45 is was a little out of my price range this round.

Could I find a great Knee Pad that was comfortable to wear for long house, easy to move in and great protection? Here is my selection for a great Knee Pad.  It’s made by “McDavid” and was made to be used by basketball and baseball players, but it works great for sailing, and here is why.  The pad has a bunch of Individual hex shaped pads in little pockets that conform and move with your body for solid comfort and continuous protection. Compression fabric holds the pad firmly in place and keeps muscles warm to prevent pulls and fatigue and it sort of holds your knee together for extra protection on the inside.  This HexPad material in a versatile and lightweight and has Moisture Management Technology to keep you cool and dry, as well. This allows for a lot of flex at your knee.   The protective pad works for your elbows as well so if you use your elbows when sailing you should give the McDonald hex pad a try for that.  here are some pictures of me wearing my pads.

There is a drawback to this pad.  The material that holds the hex pads in and around your knee is very thin and has a tendency to wear out from abrasion.  I have had these knee pads for 2 season now (I expect them to last this season as well (see picture) ) and they are still in pretty good shape. So I have not had a problem with them wearing out this way.  At about $20 on Amazon you could replace them every few years (I got mine a the local sporting goods store in the baseball section for a little more money).

Sailing Knee Pads
Me Wearing Knee Pads









Sailing Knee Pads
Backside of Knee Pads

Also these pads are for both knees and elbows so you need to pick a size larger then you think you will need.  I have average size legs and an XL fits just fine. Go for a larger size!

I like them because they are just so darn comfortable to wear.  They protect my knees  like nobodies  business and they are washable so when that lake stink starts you can make them fresh again.

Bottom Line: Great Protection, Easy  To Move Around, Holds In Place, Great Value and Washable. I bought these just to have something for an upcoming race and found a real winner.  Now I wear them every time I go sailing, on my Hobie Holder or 16 or my friends Nacra or even out on a big boat.  It seems I am always bumping my knees into something.  Check out McDonalds HEXFORCE #6440R

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  1. Walter Bee says

    The manufacturer is McDavid, not McDonalds.

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      Thanks Walter! Made the correction!

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