Sailing on Randy’s Nacra Sailboat

So my friend Randy owns a Nacra Sailboat, pretty great right? I have to admit I’m a little jealous of his three boats! This summer, Randy was kind enough to invite to ride along with him at Pineview Reservoir, Ut and at the Labor Day Race at , UT sponsored by .

Sailing on the Nacra was nothing like sailing on my Hobie 16. Nacra’s are clean, fast and just cut through the water like a knife. If you’ve ever been on one, you know what I’m talking about! It was so much faster. I also got a lot wetter. Water seems to come up through the tramp and constantly spray you. Fun? Definitely. Exhilarating? Yes. Am I ready to buy one? Not until my friends with Nacra’s sell theirs, then I might want to look into a new Nacra purchase.


Here’s the video we put together with some short clips from the two sailing trips last year. I wish I could say the 2 guys on the cover photo are Randy and I, but alas, I forgot my camera for still shots. Next time I will remember!

  1. Randy says

    I wish we had the gopro set up for the crazy downwind leg at Bear lake last summer, that was a great ride.

    1. getwet says

      I know! We flew across the lake in about 20 minutes. Probably the fastest I’ve been on Bear Lake. Thanks for the comment Randy!-Terry

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