Sailing Gloves For A Birthday Present

With my birthday approaching, the weather tells us we’re heading into “ season” for sailing. That means it’s time to update my sailing gear before the season gets under way.

This year I put a new pair of gloves on my birthday list. My current gloves have lasted me a good three seasons now and they are starting to wear thin. I have my eyes on these Gill gloves from West Marine CLICK HERE For $5 OFF Purchase of $50 or More


Regatta Deckhand Long-Finger Gloves


Product Features

  • Excellent flexibility and comfort
  • Pre-shaped construction fits your natural hand shape
  • Stretch fabric on back for comfort
  • Seamless wraparound Amara reinforcement on fingers
  • Inside facing wrist closure prevents accidental starting of watch

Here is the Link to the Gloves:

Last year we did a video for Get Wet Sailing about Sailing Gloves on a Budget. I think you’ll be surprised with what we found. For more information about other gloves we like, watch our video below. If you have any comments of questions- feel free to email us at:

~Tyler J. (Oct. 2010)

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