Sailing For Women: How To Get More Women on The Water

Sailing For Women

Sailing has often been thought of as a “Men’s Sport”. As a woman who likes to sail it has been more difficult to break into the sailing world, but not impossible. In a recent article by Ann Baldelli of WindCheck, she talks how if more women decided to start sailing, then the sport would grow rapidly.

Sailing is very unique hobby, one that most people have heard of, but few among the general population have actually tried. Sailing has grown in popularity with families and children, but it could probably double if we could get “real adult women” involved and enthralled in the sport.

There are some famous sailors- have you heard of them? Allegra Knapp Mertz, Lorna Whittlesy
Hibbard, Timmy Schneider Larr, Sue Sinclair, Betty Weed Foulk and Mimi Neff ? They have won the prestigious Queens Cup, and off of The Long Island Sound.


So what do you think? Share your ideas with us how to get more women interested in Sailing. ~Megan J.

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  1. Tony Lee says

    This is such a great hobby, there are so many people out there that love to do this hobby. They can talk about there stories for hours and feel like youve only been talking for ten minutes. This hobby is unique you are right about that but it`s awesome!

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