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Sailing Boots or booties-  Finding a great Sailing Boot at a great price is what I am looking for.  I am always on the lookout for great product at a great price.  This “Sailing Bootie” is standout in this category, it’s really a Kitebording or Surfing Bootie made by Ocean Redeo.  I often go to other sports areas to find sailing gear and here is a great example.

You know this Bootie is going to be great because it made to used in more demanding sports then sailing. For example, the High top design can lay over dry suit or wetsuit and  enhance dryness in the lower leg. It comes with a split toe interior for improved balance and warmth.  The is a  Multi- Laminated rubber sole and top foot provides grip and support and protection from those darn hiking straps .  The inside is “Titanium Slick Skin”.  It is no stink, less weight, quick drying, and makes a  great seal. With DSC seams that are Glued and  blind-stitched and have external seam seal, no water is getting through!  It has a reinforced heel to allow easy entry and provide durability.

Here is one person had to say about these boots “Warm? I couldn’t hardly tell if my feet were even wet!  Another comment was “These 7mm coldfire booties are like a total barrier against cold water and the cold ground during set up. I like em!”

Unfortunately These are discontinued, if you do a little digging and you can find some great deals right now. Look for Ocean Rodeo Coldfire surfing booties “Sailing Boots” and make your feet happy.

Ocean Racer
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