Sailing at Night-More From The Howard Rice Interview

At Night: Tip #36 From Howard Rice




“The Best Way to become proficient at night is to sail at night.”


What may sound simple and quite obvious at first glance, these words give new meaning to an experienced sailor. Once you’ve you attempted night sailing you recognize the importance of practice. Professional sailor Howard Rice shares his advice for sailing at night with Small Craft Advisor in their 63rd Issue.

Here’s what Howard suggests:

1.”Start by sailing on a full moon night in a place that you know.”

2. “Use a red lens light below, one for the cockpit and a red lens headlamp are helpful.

4. “Become comfortable with the night time sailing by sleeping or catnapping during the day”

The water is a totally different place at night and it’s a completely unique experience on its own. Make sure you follow these steps if you are attempting it for the first time, remember practice makes perfect. So practice before you go out, be smart, watch the conditions and if the timing is right, you could just have the best sail of your life!


Let us know about your night sailing experiences and we will feature them on our site!

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  1. orange county boat rentals says

    Never think of sailing at night. I think I am just scared.

    1. getwet says

      I think there is something that’s a little eerie and mysterious about venturing out into the deep blackness at night. With lots of stars there is something also freeing and magical about sailing at night. We hope to get some more practice at it this summer.

  2. Tony Lee says

    “Become comfortable with the night time sailing by sleeping or catnapping during the day” so true, I went only once but we flipped our whole sleeping routine when we did it. I had a lot of fun but it`s scary at time`s that just me.

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