Sailboat Laser and Sunfish

If you like to sail solo, want a bit of a thrill, and something easy to set up and store, than Lasers and Sunfish are the sailboat for you. Both are quick and light and give you a fantastic ride. What’s the difference between a laser and a sunfish? We’ll make a brief introduction to both.

The was the brain child of two Canadian friends back in 1969, Bruce Kirby and Ian Bruce. After much trial and error in order to create the perfect boat the Laser was born and grows more popular each year. One reason people flock to it is because it is easy enough for a child or novice to handle it by them self, but advanced and professional sailors love it’s agility and compact design for a thrill seeking ride. Here’s a short video that will help explain what’s it’s like to ride on a Laser:




The Sunfish is claimed to be  the most popular recreational sailboat in history. It is easy to recognize by it’s equal-lateral triangle shaped main sail, often with colorful stripes.  The hull is lightweight and easy to lift, many owners just pop it on top of the car and head for the water. Races are held with Sunfish, although most any sailor will tell you that it is more of a recreational sailboat compared to it’s Laser (speed racer) cousin. Here’s a quick video that shows off these cool boats:

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