Saftey on the Sailboat Part I

Last nights lecture on First and Safety on the Sailboat prompted us to take a minute and talk some critical points that can help save someone’s life on the boat. Safety is not something we take lightly and you shouldn’t either. Experienced sailors can tell you when to push ahead and when it’s time to call it quits and head back to shore during a rocky storm.

Whether you are an experienced sailor or not on the boat, there is danger aboard and accidents happen.The most important thing you can do is be prepared. The more you know, and the more tools, resources and first aid you have on the boat, the more you and your passengers will feel at ease during any sail.

Last night we learned some great tips that will help save someone’s life on the ship and save them from drowning.

  • #1– Wear a life jacket. It may look silly, it may fit weird, and feel akward, but it has been proven time and time again; IT WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE!
  • #2– Have a First Aid kit on board. A couple of band aids in plastic bag won’t do. You never know how far from shore and from help you’ll be when an accident happens and what you’ll need.
  • #3-Be Certified in CPR- you never know when this may come in handy.

Let’s talk this last point for a minute. Here’s what we learned from Dave Isom, A veteran American Red Cross instructor.

REACH-out to the person. Use a life ring, a throw bag, a life preserver or a pole with a hook on the end. Make suer you are tethered to the boat first so you don’t end up in the water yourself. Remember- the goal is to get them out, not put more people in.

ROW-Turn the boat around and get the boat over to them as fast as possible. If needs be, you may have to row on over to where they are.

THROW-Throw them a life preserver, a rope, a line or some sort of floatation device.

GO-Means to swim to them. You need to go under water and turn them so their back is facing you. Put your arm over their shoulder and under their arm and swim them to the boat. This will keep their head above water. GO- can also mean go as fast as you can back to shore and get help.

In our next addition we’ll talk about what to do if the victim isn’t breathing and has water in their lungs. Sometimes you can’t wait to get to shore.

If you would like to click on our link, we recommend these First Aid kits from West Marine. They’ve had great reviews and it’s an investment you won’t regret if that day comes. Plus these little packs are small and cover the basics of what you’ll need on board.

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