Megan’s Island Pro Slippers

for women…is there such a thing? Sure is, and I just got mine in the mail last week. You may have seen my quick post it, but now that we have the video done, I had to share the full version. I have had them for a week, and so far I love them. They wear well, they are so comfortable I feel like I’m walking on a cloud…seriously! They really feel like good, durable shoes, and I think they are cute to boost. In the video we show several different styles of shoes that Island Pro produces, in this post I want to focus on the exact shoes I have, and all the information behind them.

1. Soft Foam Contoured Footbed Nylon Upper







Color: Hawaiian

Straps: Colorful Nylon Webbing

Insole: Special Soft Rubatex Rubber

Sole: Light Weight Polyurethane Z bottom

Made in Hawaii

Cost: $54.95

**Update 12/28/16** These shoes are no longer available, but we have linked to their new line. Click this link: The New Women’s Mokulua Collection

2. Women’s Nylon Beach Thong

Color: Cabana

Straps: Top Quality Nylon Webbing With a Soft Suede Toe Piece

Insole: Rubatex Rubber and Torray UltraSuede

Sole: Black Rubber Sole and Original Foot Bed Design, with the Arch, Heel Cup, and Outside Contour.

Made in Hawaii

Cost: $58.95

Here’s the video, let me know if you have a pair and if you’ve enjoyed them as much as I do. Plus the link to their website in case you want some for yourself! ~Megan

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