John’s Hobie 16 Bottom and Hull Restoration Project



Our friend John wanted to share his Bottom and Hull Restoration Project with us. John emailed us back in January asking for advice on how to tackle soft spots in his hull and cleaning up the bottoms of his hulls on his ’81 Hobie 16.  After discussing with him different options  and some thorough research on his part he finally landed on this product:

Dolphinite ALL IN ONE

It’s a gelcoat that comes premixed with hi gloss additive and thinners etc…and there NO color loss. That’s what he wanted too.  A way to keep his ’81 Hobie 16 hulls their original bright banana color. To read and see exactly how went his project, go to his blog:


Thanks for sharing your story John! Your 70 hours were well spent-your Hobie looks Brand New! Can we come for a ride?



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