Island Pro,The Worlds Best Sailing Sandal

Could this be the Worlds Best Sailing Sandal?  If your asking me there is no doubt it.  25 years or so ago I stumbled onto my first Island Pro Sandals and I have been a fan ever since.  The funny part is after 25 years of wearing them all summer long I am now just getting my 3rd pair.

I like to think of my Island Pros as the SUV of flip flops.

10 year Old Sandals and the New Ones



Bottoms Give Great Footing

I do everything in these top notch shoes, gardening, beaching, sailing, washing the car, casual hiking and then a rinse, and off to the restaurant for dinner.  These things are tough.  Did I mention this is only my third pair?  The bottoms are “sipped”  so they give you good footing when your on a boat or any wet surface. The foot-bed is made of this special rubber that molds to your foot after 2 weeks of use, then they become your best friends.  There made with a great arch support as well.

When I find a product I really love it’s easy to share the good stuff.  Last summer I vacationed in San Diego my home town.  As I walked out the door to go, for some reason I grabbed my first pair of “pros”.  At last, down at the beach one day the strap finally came undone (Island pro straps are guaranteed  not to come out but after 25 years I think it’s OK).  So I had to find a replacement soon.  Costco here we come.  I found a pair at the big box and even though this was a big name brand, they just did not fit and feel like my old Hawaiian slippers. I was glad put on my #2 pair when I got home.




Now I am sporting not only my “SUV’s”

My New Madras Sandals

but I have a new pair with a washable leather foot-bed and Madras straps.  Check out the picture. These new sandals feel like heaven.  I could go on, but here is the bottom line.  I give my full endorsement to these little beauties.  The price has gone up over the years but I think they are still a bargain knowing how long the last. They are custom made in Hawaii when you order them.  I like the fact that this is a cottage industry and it’s Made in the USA.  Also congrats to the Island Slipper Company for getting “Best of Honolulu” this  year.  Go to the Island Slipper Company and check them out.


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