How To Winterize a Boat 2016 for Cheap

You have seen us winterize our Hobie Cat before and you’ve seen us get ready for Spring with both Hobie’s and the Catalina 22. Your wish was our command as made up this little 75 second clip of 2016 with the Catalina 22′. Here’s the video and our step-by-step below of what we did.

*It may take you longer than 75 seconds in real life. Sorry to disappoint.

How to winterize 1

  1. Move the Catalina 22′ and trailer to a dry place.
  2. Drop the Mast.
  3. Then we bought some 1/2″ PVC pipe and cut it down to match the different widths of the boat from the bow to the stern. We drilled two holes at then end of each pipe, enough for a thin line to get through.
  4. After cutting we laid them out in order from bow to stern and marked them 1-17 (1 being the bow and 17 being the stern).
  5. Next we ran a line from the port side of the stern up to the bow and back to the starboard side of the stern, 2 inches off the deck and then tightened it with a winch.
  6. Then we tied each pipe in order across the boat from bow on the line we ran around the boat in step 6.
  7. After all 17 pvc pipes were tied down, we then zip tied two tarps going opposite directions together. That’s the only way we can cover both the length and width of the Catalina 22′.
  8. Lastly, we covered the boat with the tarp and tied it down with lines to the boat and the trailer.

This isn’t a permanent cover, and if you have harsh winters like we do in Utah, then you’ll probably need a new tarp next year. We’ve done this for the past 4 winter seasons and each time our boat comes out of hibernation in the spring looking great with minimal cleaning and work to get it ready for sailing season. By far a good substitute and much cheaper than shrink wrapping without the mast.

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