Get Wet Sailing’s Guide To River Rafting Colorado

Get Wet Goes Rafting!

Our Guide to River Rafting Colorado. A couple of summers ago we took a trip to Durango, CO. While we were there, we went rafting down the Upper Animas river. Since we were there in late July, the flow was way down and our “High Adventure Rafting Trip” was more like a lazy river down stream. For us, the Animas was probably a 1 or 2 in difficulty ratings, earlier in the season the Animas is a 4 or 5.

We went down the Animas river with the 4 Corners Whitewater Rafting Company. Our experience with them was fantastic. They were on time, efficient, friendly and safe. The guides were fun and made the trip that much more enjoyable. It was an experience of a lifetime and we liked it so much, we pulled it out of the archives to share with you.

Watch our video below and Click on the link to look at 4 Corners Whitewater Rafting page.

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  1. Alese says

    It’s great that you guys do other water sports besides Sailing. I haven’t heard of the Animas river before, but after seeing your video I want to check it out. Do you what the rating is for this river?

    1. getwet says

      Alese- thanks for the comment. It depends on what part of the river and what time of the year.
      As of Today:
      Upper Animas (25-28 miles): Class 4 or 5
      Lower Animas-Trimble Bridge to North Durango (11 miles): Class 1+
      Lower Animas-Durango Town Run (5 miles): Class 3
      Lower Animas-High Bridge to Bondad Bridge (16 miles): Class 2

      Obviously, the later in the season the slower the flow, so the classes may drop a bit. When we did this 3 summers ago, we went in August and the Lower Animas. We all felt we could have seen a little more action, but we still had enough adventure to have a great trip.

      Here’s a link to the Colorado Rivers stream flows- updates made almost daily:

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