Fix Your Sailing Booties With Shoe Goo

Try some Shoe Goo to fix your footware

Your equipment is expensive and wears out after some hard use.  Fix your Booties and gloves with a quick application of “Shoe Goo”  I am trying to get a few more outings out of my old booties before I have to replace them altogether. So I gave them a shot with some Shoe Goo,  you know the flexible glue that you use to keep those old athletic shoes going.  I recently picked up some goo for my winter slippers and thought I could give it try on my Sailing booties.  So far it’s been great.  The goo stuff stays flexible and seems to be holding them together just fine.  I know it’s not very pretty but my feet are warm and comfortable in my old friends.

Here is a short product description: water resistant immediately upon application. Apply Shoe GOO directly to the surface to be sealed. all bumps should be smoothed out within 2 hours, before the glue is completely hard.

Check out this comment Shoe Goo: “I followed the instructions, spread the goo with a toss away plastic knife, and put a brick on each of the sandals to hold them together overnight while the glue bonded. Several days later the TEVA’s seem “good as new” even though they have 20 years wear and tear.
This goo glue works. If you have some valued shoe wear that isn’t won out but is showing sole separation, give it a try. One tube would fix many pairs”.

Here are a couple more things to think about: This stuff is really smells strong.  You will need a few days (yep a few days) for the smells to almost go away.  It is messy, so if you want to be neat about it you should experiment some before applying it to your booties. It really sticks so wipe way the excess around the tube cap or the lid will not come off next time.  Although it stays flexible it is stiff, if you need a lot of soft flexing you should not us this.

I picked up my Shoe Goo at Walmart but you can get it online at Amazon.

Use Shoe Goo to fix your stuff

Want some new booties and not just fix the old ones.  Take a look at these from Rip Curl


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