Anchor Gloves: The Sailing Gloves Interview and Review

Anchor Sailing GWS

Let me ask you this: Tired of your wearing out after only one season? Or do your gloves still slip on lines when wet and it takes a lot of effort and work to pull on lines while sailing? Do you wake up the next morning with sore forearms and biceps?

These questions keep coming up, that’s why we are still on our quest to find the best pair of sailing gloves. When Anchor Gloves asked us to review their gloves we were excited to try them out. Since it’s October and nearing the end of your sailing season in Utah, we haven’t had many opportunities to try on these gloves in action, but so far so good. I love mine! After two separate sailing excursions, the gloves worked just as they should. With their no-slip grip the effort I put into pulling the lines was less, saving my energy for other duties on the boat.

These come highly recommended from us. Check out the interview we did with President of Anchor Gloves, C.J. Ray and you can see for yourself why these gloves are unlike any other you’ve seen before.

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